The Benefits of a Milled Face Golf Putter

Golf putters are a vital part of a player's bag, and every golfer wants to ensure that they have the best equipment possible to help them sink those putts. One type of putter that has become increasingly popular is the milled face putter. In this blog, we will discuss the benefits of using a milled face golf putter.

A milled face putter is a putter with a face that has been machine-milled to create a precise pattern of grooves or lines. These grooves create friction between the ball and the putter face, which can help the golfer achieve a better roll and more accuracy on their putts.

Here are some benefits of using a milled face golf putter:

  1. Enhanced Feel The milling process creates a smoother and more consistent surface, resulting in a more precise feel for the golfer. When the putter face makes contact with the ball, it creates a more satisfying and controlled sensation, allowing for greater feedback and control over the putt.

  2. Improved Roll The grooves on the milled face of the putter grip the ball at impact, causing it to roll with more accuracy and speed. This is particularly beneficial on slower greens where the ball may be more likely to skid or bounce.

  3. Increased Spin The grooves on the milled face can also generate more spin on the ball, which can be useful when putting on greens with a lot of break or slope. The added spin can help the ball grip the green and maintain its line, ultimately leading to a more successful putt.

  4. Consistent Performance The precision milling of the face ensures that the putter performs consistently across the entire face, providing more forgiveness on off-center hits. This feature can help to reduce the number of three putts and increase confidence in the player's putting ability.

A milled face golf putter can provide a golfer with enhanced feel, improved roll, increased spin, and consistent performance. While this type of putter may come at a higher price point, the benefits can be worth it for those looking to improve their putting game. It's always best to try out different putters to see which one works best for your game, but a milled face putter is a great option to consider.

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The Benefits of a Milled Face Golf Putter