Pros and cons of evnroll er2v putter

As a golf enthusiast, I have always been on the lookout for the best equipment to improve my game. One of the most important pieces of equipment for any golfer is the putter. Recently, I have been hearing a lot about the Evnroll ER2V putter and decided to do some research to see if it is worth the investment. In this blog, I will discuss the pros and cons of the Evnroll ER2V putter.


1. Roll Technology: The Evnroll ER2V putter is designed with a unique groove pattern that helps to reduce skidding and promote a consistent roll. This technology is said to help golfers make more putts and improve their overall putting performance.

2. Forgiveness: The putter has a high MOI (Moment of Inertia) which means it is more forgiving on off-center hits. This is great for golfers who struggle with consistency in their putting stroke.

3. Customizable: The Evnroll ER2V putter is available in a variety of lengths, weights, and grip options. This allows golfers to customize the putter to their specific needs and preferences.

4. Quality Construction: The putter is made with high-quality materials and is built to last. It has a milled stainless steel head and a CNC-milled face for precision and accuracy.


1. Price: The Evnroll ER2V putter is not cheap. It is priced higher than many other putters on the market, which may be a deterrent for some golfers.

2. Design: The putter has a unique design that may not appeal to everyone. Some golfers may prefer a more traditional-looking putter.

3. Weight: The putter is on the heavier side, which may not be ideal for golfers who prefer a lighter putter.

4. Availability: The Evnroll ER2V putter may not be available at all golf retailers, which could make it difficult for some golfers to try before they buy.

The Evnroll ER2V putter has some great features that can help golfers improve their putting performance. However, the high price and unique design may not be for everyone. It is important for golfers to try out different putters and find the one that works best for their game.

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pros and cons of evnroll er2v putter