How to Hit a Wedge Shot from a Bunker: Techniques and Strategies

Hitting a wedge shot from a bunker can be a daunting task for many golfers. But with the right techniques and strategies, it can become a shot you feel confident and comfortable executing. In this blog, we'll explore some tips and strategies to help you hit a successful wedge shot from a bunker.

  1. Proper Set-Up A proper set-up is crucial for hitting a successful bunker shot. Begin by taking a wider stance than usual and digging your feet into the sand for stability. Aim your feet, hips, and shoulders slightly left of the target (for right-handed golfers) to compensate for the angle of the bunker.

  2. Selecting the Right Club Choosing the right wedge for a bunker shot is important. You'll want to use a wedge with a higher loft angle to help get the ball up and out of the sand. Typically, a sand wedge or a lob wedge with a loft angle between 56-60 degrees is recommended for bunker shots.

  3. Open the Clubface Opening the clubface is essential for hitting a bunker shot. This helps increase the loft of the club and allows the club to glide through the sand more easily. Open the clubface slightly at address, and then hold that angle throughout the swing.

  4. Swing with a Shallower Angle of Attack When hitting a bunker shot, you'll want to hit the sand first, not the ball. To do this, you need to swing with a shallower angle of attack than you would with a typical iron shot. Aim to strike the sand approximately two inches behind the ball, using a sweeping motion rather than a downward strike.

  5. Follow Through A good follow-through is key to a successful bunker shot. Aim to swing the club through the sand, taking a divot after the ball has been struck. Keep your weight on your front foot and maintain your balance throughout the shot.

  6. Practice, Practice, Practice Finally, practice is key to mastering bunker shots. Spend time at the practice range hitting shots from various bunkers to develop your technique and confidence.

Hitting a successful wedge shot from a bunker takes practice and proper technique. With the right set-up, club selection, and swing, you can make bunker shots a strength in your golf game. Incorporate these tips into your practice routine and watch your bunker play improve.

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