How to Hit a Spinner with Your Wedge: Techniques and Tips

Hitting a spinner with your wedge can be a valuable shot to have in your golfing arsenal. A spinner shot is a low-flying shot with a lot of spin that can stop quickly on the green. In this blog, we'll go over some techniques and tips to help you master the spinner shot with your wedge.

  1. Set up Start by setting up with your weight evenly distributed on your feet, and your ball position slightly forward in your stance. This will help you create a steeper angle of attack on the ball, which is necessary for a spinner shot.

  2. Use the right club To hit a spinner shot, you'll need a wedge with a high degree of loft. Aim to use a wedge with at least 58 degrees of loft. The higher the loft, the easier it will be to generate spin and launch the ball high into the air.

  3. Create a steep angle of attack As mentioned earlier, a steep angle of attack is crucial for a spinner shot. To create this angle, you'll want to make sure that your hands are ahead of the ball at impact. This will help you strike down on the ball and create the necessary spin.

  4. Use a partial swing A spinner shot requires a partial swing, so you'll want to use a shorter backswing than you would with a regular wedge shot. This will help you control the speed and spin of the shot. Focus on accelerating through the ball and maintaining a smooth tempo throughout your swing.

  5. Open the clubface To generate maximum spin, you'll need to open the clubface slightly at address. This will increase the loft of the club and help the ball launch higher into the air. Make sure that the leading edge of the club is still pointing towards your target.

  6. Strike the ball cleanly To create the necessary spin, you'll need to strike the ball cleanly with a descending blow. Make sure that you hit the ball first, and then take a divot after impact. This will help you create the necessary backspin for a spinner shot.

  7. Practice, practice, practice As with any golf shot, practice is essential to mastering the spinner shot. Spend some time on the range working on your technique, and experiment with different clubs and ball positions to find the right combination for your swing.

Hitting a spinner shot with your wedge can be a valuable shot to have in your arsenal. By following these tips and techniques, you can improve your ability to generate spin and control the trajectory of the ball. Remember to use the right club, create a steep angle of attack, use a partial swing, open the clubface, strike the ball cleanly, and practice regularly to perfect your spinner shot.

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