How to avoid three-putting on the green

Putting is often considered the most important part of the golf game, and one of the biggest challenges is avoiding three-putting. A three-putt is when it takes three or more strokes to get the ball into the hole from the green. Not only does a three-putt add strokes to your score, but it can also be demoralizing and frustrating. Here are some tips to help you avoid three-putting and make more putts on the green:

  1. Practice distance control: One of the main reasons for three-putting is poor distance control. Practicing your distance control on the putting green is essential to avoid three-putting. Set up markers at different distances and try to roll the ball to each marker with the same amount of force.

  2. Read the green: Before you putt, take some time to read the green. Look for the slope and direction of the green, and try to get a feel for how the ball will break. Aim your putt accordingly.

  3. Focus on your technique: Your putting technique is crucial to making putts and avoiding three-putts. Keep your head still, use a pendulum motion, and follow through with your stroke. A smooth, consistent stroke will help you hit the ball straight and control its distance.

  4. Don't be too aggressive: It's tempting to try to make every putt, but being too aggressive can lead to three-putts. Instead, focus on getting the ball close to the hole, and take the two-putt if necessary. Sometimes, it's better to play it safe and avoid the risk of a three-putt.

  5. Practice your short putts: Short putts are often the ones that cause three-putts. Take time to practice your short putts, and make sure to hit them firmly and with confidence. Short putts should be automatic, so practice until you feel comfortable with them.

  6. Keep a positive mindset: Finally, keeping a positive mindset is essential for avoiding three-putts. Don't dwell on a missed putt, and don't let frustration get the best of you. Stay focused, confident, and positive, and you'll be more likely to make putts and avoid three-putts.

Avoiding three-putts is essential to improving your golf game. Practice your distance control, read the green, focus on your technique, don't be too aggressive, practice your short putts, and keep a positive mindset. With these tips, you'll be making more putts and lowering your score in no time.

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